Harry Potter is all grown up - and so are his fans - but that doesn't mean they're any less loyal to the fictional character.

For fans like Western University student Kelly Hobson, Harry Potter was more than a book series. The characters were more like friends she grew up with.

“[I] went through some rough stuff in the last couple of years, just have always kind of thought of that last bit, ‘All was well,’ all works out in the end.”

It wasn't long ago fans were lining up in droves to get their hands on the newest book or to catch the latest movie. And as Potter fans grow up - they're finding some more adult ways of showing their loyalty.

Tattoo artist Anthony Veilleux says they've seen an increasing number of Harry Potter tattoos over the last few years, “The Death Eaters symbol that I did recently in ultra-violet was kind of a fun one to do.”

But there are other - less permanent - ways to stay involved in the magic. Quidditch leagues are starting to pop up around North America. That's the sport played on broomsticks in the book.

And, Harry Potter will soon be coming to Western, with a brand new English course dedicated completely to the seven-book series.

But students may need to wave a magic wand to get in to this course.

Professor Gabrielle Ceraldi says she gets many, many emails a day asking about it, “And that’s because the students here at Western now are the ones who grew up reading each book as it hit the book stores, going to the movies, they read these books with their friends. It was part of their cultural experience of growing up.”

For Hobson, her tattoo allows her to immediately connect with Harry Potter fans. And she's pretty excited about the course too.

“I’m going to pull every string…to get into this course. I will do anything to get into this course.”