A video written, filmed and edited by a group of first-year medical students at Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, aims to share their pre-medical experiences.

‘The Applicant’ is a dark comedy that follows a prospective medical school student the day of his interview for admission at Western.

The video asks “As long as you do your best what could possibly go wrong?" And it sells the program too, “I can't even begin to tell you about all the great things here at Schulich. For one, they do the best job of salting the sidewalks in the winter."

It's an experience close to the hearts of director Brad Rostas and producer/screenwriter Colin Sue-Chue Lam. Both are first year medical students.

Rostas says "What we wanted to do was focus on the students themselves and try to mimic the stress that they were feeling.”

And, Lam adds, “Make people believe that Schulich is a place for them. A place with a great community and student body."

The logistics are quite impressive. The project involved more than 100 actors, 20 crew members and it took more than 150 hours to complete.

"Rory - the main actor - he was in a Nickleback video once upon a time. But everyone involved in the project except for two people were medical students,” Rostas says.

He’s is no stranger to show business himself though. Rostas chose medicine over film school in California.

"It seems to be more and more people from arts are going into medicine. I think it helps the future of physicians."

The film pokes fun at medical students as high achievers, something Rostas and Lam say their fellow students and film crew members were good sports about.

As for the public reaction to the film, Lam says "If they made Oscars for medical school videos...we'd be a contender.”