A comic in Friday's Western Gazette was meant to be a light hearted joke.

But many people feel the subject matter was inappropriate and insensitive.

The comic shows two smiling t-shirts, one saying why are you so happy, and the other responding with 'my brother was really depressed, but he finally hung himself.' although it was meant to be funny, but mental health workers aren't laughing.

"Stigma is a really big issue with mental health and mental illness and when light hearted jokes are made, it just adds to the stigma, it makes it more difficult for people to get help," says Marnie Wedlake, a mental health public educator.

After the backlash, the Gazette's editor in chief issued an apology online, saying 'It was beneath our standards and I wish to offer a sincere apology to the Western community, particularly those struggling with depression.'

The Gazette frequently has a comics page with submissions from students and ultimately is was three editors that made the final call to run the comic which they soon regretted.

"We do take it seriously..this was a bad judgement call and an oversight and we're sorry," says editor in chief Julian Uzielli.