LONDON, ONT -- Western University is partnering with Bell Canada to create an advanced 5G research centre effectively turning the campus into a “living lab.”

Bell will be installing 5G network equipment and infrastructure throughout the campus, investing $2.7 million into the project.

"By using campus as a 'living lab' for new technologies like 5G, we're offering a unique opportunity to ask a full range of important questions across disciplines,” said Sarah Prichard, acting vice president of research at Western.

The partnership will study 5G applications, including virtual and augmented reality use; smart vehicle and smart city applications; autonomous vehicles; industrial Internet of Things applications; multi-access edge computing; battery and small cell research; machine learning; and artificial intelligence.

"This also means Western will be a 5G enabled campus, so students coming with a 5G ready handset, will be able to use high-speed data, and access on our campus," said Mark Daley, the special advisor to the President at Western. 

Other technology will be looked at for use in various fields such as medicine, agriculture, transportation, and communications.

Thursday Bell announced the launch of their 5G network in Montral, the GTA, Edmonton, and Vancouver.