London police have released a list intersections with the most collisions in 2015.

The intersection of Wellington Road South and Exeter Road tops the list with 91 crashes last year, according to London police.

Police say there were over 10,000 collisions in the City of London last year.

Despite repeated warnings, educational campaigns and improvements in legislation, the number of collisions on an annual basis for the last several years continues to hover around 10,000, say police.

Officers say distracted, impaired and aggressive driving behaviours continue to lead the list of causes of these needless collisions.

In September of 2015,  Ontario increased the fine for driving while holding a handheld communication device to $490 from $280. Three demerit points upon conviction were also added to the penalty.

Despite these efforts by the province, 2,491 people were ticketed for this offence in 2015. In 2014, 2,163 people were ticketed for the same offence.

This is an increase of 15 per cent over 2014 even though the penalties increased dramatically over the fourth quarter of 2015.

The high-collision intersections for 2015 are listed below. The number in brackets indicates where the intersection placed on the list in 2014:

  1.  91 collisions Wellington/ Exeter (11)
  2.  82 collisions Wellington/ Commissioners (1)
  3.  73 collisions Highbury/ Oxford (2)
  4.  72 collisions Wharncliffe/ Oxford (6)
  5.  68  collisions Hamilton/ Highbury (3)
  6.  68 collisions Adelaide/ Oxford (10)
  7.  67 collisions Fanshawe Park/ Adelaide (5)
  8.  67 collisions Wonderland/ Oxford (4)
  9.  66 collisions Sarnia/ Wonderland (7)
  10.  63 collisions Highbury/ Huron (N/A)