They’re making the downtown London maze even more complicated, at least for the Civic Holiday long weekend.

The intersection of King Street at Talbot Street will be almost completely blocked off as sewer work continues in the core.

Heading east on King towards the downtown means the left turn from King onto Talbot will be your only option until Tuesday morning.

Sewer separation work is being done and new equipment is going into the ground, effectively shutting the intersection down.

But Covent Garden Market General Manager Bob Usher isn't too concerned, "It's a very simple process. It’s work we know has to be done."

Once traffic is on Talbot, drivers can continue north or cut across Dundas to Richmond Street.

But what about those who want to get into the market parking lot? The entrance and exit faces King.

This is where things get interesting.

Cars will have to turn onto Market Lane and come out on King. They’ll briefly go the wrong way on a one-way street before button hooking into the parking lot.

Usher says the in and out lanes will be reversed, there will be plenty of signage, and there will be police on hand to direct traffic.

"As a consumer it might take you half-a-minute more, or a minute more. That's about all. And then when you come back out it will be even easier to get out because there won't be any traffic."

While some may question doing the work on the August long weekend, Usher says it actually makes sense because this weekend has become the big getaway weekend.

“Labour Day a lot of people do not go away because they're getting all the clothes washed and stuff ready for their kids to go to school. So this has really become the big hurrah weekend, and we're usually pretty quiet."

Of course there are the other construction projects in the downtown to challenge drivers. York Street is still chewed up and Dundas Place work continues from Richmond to Wellington Street.

But Usher has some incentives; parking at the Covent Garden Market will be free all weekend. And there is two-hour free parking available at Budweiser Gardens.