LONDON, ONT. -- At their parents’ home on Sandra Road in London, Ont., Noah and Nick Hallett are using this quarantine to work out, play catch and prepare for what they hope will be an upcoming CFL season.

The next time play resumes, the brothers will be playing on the same team for the first time in their lives.

"We crossed over once with [University of Toronto] and McMaster," says Noah Hallett, who won the Yates Cup last season with the Marauders.

"We both play defence so we were never on the field at the same time that day, but hopefully this year we will be on the field together."

Noah was chosen 18th overall in last week's CFL draft by the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. His brother is a star on special teams for the reigning Grey Cup champs.

"It's something we've been looking forward to our whole lives and it's awesome it going to happen now."

The two are three-and-a-half years apart in age and went to different high schools. Nick won a "B" division high school football championship at Sir Fredrick Banting, while Noah attended Mother Teresa Secondary School.

However they've been best friends their entire lives.

"I mentioned to (Bombers coach Mike) O'Shea before the draft to look out for my brother," says Nick. He responded with 'You want him to come? He plays the same position.' I jokingly responded maybe not then.'"

Nick says now that his younger brother is Bombers' property there is a good chance they will be competing for a spot in the defensive backfield, as well as special teams.

"Whoever wins the job will be supported by the other," says Nick. "It'll be great to push each other, help each other out and work to same goal, together...finally."

In 2019 Noah earned all-Canadian accolades and a Yates Cup with McMaster.

Nick's professional rookie season included winning a Grey Cup in Winnipeg, and being regarded as a top special teams player

"It is still surreal," says Nick, who was drafted 61st overall by the Bombers in 2019.

"So many guys have worked [their] whole life to achieve this, and I come in and win it right off the bat. I always wanted it more than other guys before me, but it was a special event to have family out there in Calgary with me."

The two are now working out at home, and waiting for word on whether there will be a season this year. This isolation period is a throwback to childhood.

"We've always been super close," says Noah.

"We always played games in back yard together. We were each other's best friends growing up, and even when I was in university and he was in Winnipeg we talked to each other every day."

They also plan to room together, but the sleeping quarters might be a bit different than when they were kids.

"I was older so I got the bottom bunk," says Nick, who was interrupted by Noah saying he'd pick the top bunk anyway.

The pair will now not only get to play together, but live, work out, and go through film and the playbook together.

"This this is perfect, the ideal situation," says Nick.