LONDON, ONT. -- The fear of COVID-19 includes what's contained in your trash and recycling.

That’s the message as the city reminds property owners to be mindful of new rules and requests.

A city sanitation worker perhaps summed the key change best, as he passed a CTV News camera Friday morning.

“We want bags tied up nice so we don’t have loose garbage flying in our face. We will appreciate that for sure.”

The city has asked all households to ensure garbage is bagged or sealed in bins.

Further, if you or someone else in your home is ill, the city’s director of Environmental Fleet & Solid Waste, Jay Stanford, has a strong request.

“If you have a cold in your home, and you have tissues, just please put that into a bag and then put that bag into a larger garbage bag before you put it to the curb.”

The same message goes for the city’s contracted recycling fleet.

Stanford is imploring anyone who is ill to not recycle their pop cans, and instead toss them in the garbage to prevent potential spread of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, sanitation workers are wearing several layers of protective equipment, but for the moment, not masks.

Stanford say the city is following the guidelines of the Middlesex-London Health Unit, which Stanford says - at this time - is not asking for them.

However, Stanford says city workers do have options, “Of course if a worker requests one, we will help them out, and one will be provided.”

Beyond collection at the curb, as of Friday the city’s Household Special Waste Depot has been closed.

Homeowners are now asked to hang on to old paint cans and other items until the COVID-19 crisis passes.

The city hopes its latest moves will keep the public safe, along with its staff who continue to provide the essential service.

“We’ve got families too,” said a sanitation worker to a CTV News camera.

More information on the changes to city garbage collection can be found here.