A mild winter has claimed approximately 90 jobs in Goderich. Compass Minerals announced the layoff of approximately 90 employees at the Sifto Salt Mine on Tuesday.

The company says low demand for road salt due to such mild weather has led to the layoff.

A company spokesperson said Tuesday, “This was not an easy decision, and comes with a heavy heart, especially at this time of the year. This decision is based on product demand, and is no reflection of the quality and quantity of work from our employees.”

Before the announcement approximately 500 people worked at the mine that ships road salt across North America by truck, train and ship year-round.

Compass Minerals also operates a Salt Evaporator Plant in Goderich. The company says they’ll move down to a five-day-a-week operation, until demand requires they return to full operations.

The company says “it’s unclear” who will be rehired if and when demand for road salt increases.

This year Compass Minerals Mine in Goderich produced 7.5 million tonnes of road salt.