LONDON ONT. -- The sunny and warm weather is unexpected for local golfers, but it is a welcome change for some who were thinking about putting their clubs away, just a couple of days ago.

“I didn’t think I’d be doing this Sunday night, that’s for sure,” says Nick Ionata who was out playing Wednesday with his friends Al and Henry Pasquini. “Not with all that snow we had on Sunday, but this is a beautiful day.”

The Fox Golf Club manager, Patrick Brennan, says it’s been a great season, since they were allowed to open by the Provincial government. 

“We got going on May 16, and it’s been busy every day since.” But getting weather like this late in the season will certainly help golfers make up for the six to seven weeks they missed out on in the spring.

“It's been great for the golfers, obviously they lost nearly two months of their golfing season, so we’re getting a little bit at the end here,” says Brannan.

“If you can golf in November it’s a blessing,” adds Ionata. Golf has proven popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, with courses across the region seeing increased demand. 

For the golfers, getting as many rounds in before the snow forces them inside for the winter, is a priority.  “You know what I might get out again, maybe Friday or Saturday,” says Pasquini.

While Ionata says he’ll have to convince his friend first. “It all depends on my friend Al, if he’ll put up with me, I’d love to do it another couple of times this week anyway.”

Brennan is hopeful this weather will hold until the middle of the month and perhaps beyond.  “We’re open until Nov. 22, and if the weather is good we’ll stay open longer.”