Londoners hoping to see a surge of food trucks on the city's streets this spring will have to wait a bit longer.

After several delays and more than a year of waiting, the bylaw still only allows trucks to do business on private property.

And it likely won't be until May - at the earliest - when the new bylaw is passed.

But with spring already here and still no approved bylaw, food trucks are already missing out on lucrative business.

Orest Katolyk, London's manager of Bylaw Enforcement and Licensing, had said food truck recommendations would be ready in the spring after several changes to the initial proposal last year, but things are still up in the air.

"Right now we're still debating menu selections. It's going to go back to the city administration to decide how to regulate menu choices. We're still talking so it'll take a few more cycles."

For those food truck entrepreneurs who want to to take their business on the road, hopefully it's just a matter of time.

Once the bylaw is passed, a licence will cost vendors about $2,000 a year and they will have to pay the regular fee for parking.

But as Katolyk says, there still needs to be several meetings to discuss menu selections before the bylaw can be passed and since meetings happen every two weeks, it's unlikely the bylaw will be passed until at least May.