LONDON, ONT. -- For the second day in a row a candlelight vigil has been held in London to remember all of the victims in the Ukrainian Airliner shot down by the Iranian military last week.

About 50 people were in attendance at the vigil at Victoria Park organized by the local Iranian community on Monday afternoon.

Among those killed in the crash near Tehran, Iran were four Western University students, Ghazal Nourian, Milad Nahavandi, Hadis Hayatdavoudi and Sajedeh Saraeian

Behi Bayandor, a friend of Nahavandi, was at the vigil and says, "My husband misses him and cries every night...He was such a wonderful person."

Organizers are planning more vigils so the memory of those who died lives on.

Canada's Transportation Safety Board said Monday there is "no doubt" the plane crash, which killed all of its 176 passengers, was brought down by a surface-to-air missile.