LONDON, ONT. -- Graphic Content Warning - A video of an London transit bus operator being allegedly assaulted for asking a passenger to wear a mask has surfaced online.

In the video the rider can be heard saying, "Listen I have a PhD maam, what do you do for a living? OK, then go drive the bus, I came on the bus I had a mask."

As the video continues the operator is seen talking to the maskless rider who becomes more irate. Near the end of the video the rider appears to physically confront the driver.

London Transit Commission (LTC) General Manager Kelly Paleczny confirmed the incident took place on Sept. 24, and police were called to the scene.

London police say the woman involved reportedly switched seats frequently while she was on the bus before the driver approached and asked her to remain seated.

That's when the driver was allegedly assaulted, as well as another passenger who stepped in to assist. No one was injured.

The 44-year-old woman was arrested and has been charged with one count of assault. She is scheduled to appear in court in December.

Paleczny adds the rider has been banned from using the service, and the discussion of mask confrontation has been front and centre for the transit board.