LONDON, ONT -- Like a game of hot potato, the Victoria Park Secondary Plan has been tossed back into city staff's lap by council.

Some councillors don’t see much room for compromise anymore for the plan which will set development rules for properties around Victoria Park.

“What we succeeded in doing to some extent is making everybody unhappy,” said Councillor Phil Squire.

Neighbours objected to high rise heights of more than 30 storeys along the south end of the park while developers opposed lower height limits in the northeast corner next to heritage homes.

Victoria Park highrise area

“Perhaps we can find some resolution, but I am not very optimistic,” said Councillor Stephen Turner. “I think at the end of the day we may land on the planning assignments that are there and in place now.”

For now the plan is back in the hands of city staffers for more consultation and to re-examine the building heights and noise impacts around the park.