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Veteran rewrites 'O Canada' lyrics in advance of the Oilers' Cup run


A twist on our national anthem and our national game has been written by a London, Ont. veteran.

Bruce Stock is hopeful his adapted lyrics to 'O Canada' will bring the nation together as the Edmonton Oilers begin their quest for the Stanley Cup.

Entitled ‘We Shoot, We Score,’ the song begins with the following lyrics:

‘Yes, it’s our link. We’re one big hockey rink. True patriot fans, hockey oozes from our glands.’

“It’s a reflection of who we are as a people,” Stock explained inside the recording studio at the Digital Creative Arts Centre (DCAC) in London. “I grew up listening to Foster Hewitt and we all remember, ‘He Shoots, He scores!’ and that became an iconic Saturday Night expression.”

An expression, the senior believes, is now out of date.

So, to include everyone, he opted for We Shoot, We Score!

“Now, I’m encouraging everybody to record their own versions,” said Stock.

To promote his song, Stock sought out help from co-op students at the DCAC.

They have developed a website to share versions of the song.

The project has quickly inspired two new versions. One is a hip-hop format, and the other is punk rock.

Teenagers Apollo May and Ian Webster are among the creative minds behind the punk rock version.

Both believe Stock’s effort to mix patriotism, music, and hockey has arrived at the right time.

“It’s awesome to see creativity being used to bring the country together in a time we’re so divided,” said Webster.

“Any time I’ve been to a hockey game, after a goal there’s music playing, they’re singing the anthem. There is music everywhere!” proclaimed May.

And if the music catches on, Stock is confident the Edmonton Oilers will hear it.

“They’ve now got a national quest underway, and that’s to bring Stanley home. And I think Canadians across the country, and on three coasts, are ready to get behind that drive to bring home the Stanley Cup,” said Stock.

To hear the song, and see the story behind it, click on the video above. Top Stories


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