LONDON, ONT -- Shelby’s Food Express is known for their take on Mediterranean food throughout London, but in recent weeks has been the victim of break-ins and vandalism.

In a post to its Facebook page the popular eatery revealed that two of their locations and their food truck have been hit in the last few weeks.

“We always like showing the good side to our business. This is the bad side,” reads the post. “From slashing our tires to breaking our windows to stealing our tablets.”

Pictures posted to their page show a smashed out door and windows at their Exeter Road location.

London police confirm that they received reports of a break and enter to the Horton Street location on Jan. 25, and damage to property at the Exeter Road location on Feb. 4.

Police said there is nothing to indicate that the two instances are related.

To date no arrests have been made. Anyone with any information is asked to contact police.