The Northeast Pool in London was shut down Tuesday after vandals caused over $20,000 in damage and losses during a break-in.

Staff were busy assessing and cleaning up the damage at the Victoria Drive facility after vandals broke in overnight, ransacked the facility and smashed equipment that runs the pumps and filtration system.

The suspects also threw debris and equipment into the pool - including glass - and tore the upper prongs off part of the fence.

Lynn Loubert, City of London Aquatics manager, says, "This facility is very secure. It has a very high-end fence, but people really wanted to get into this facility. They used a significant number of tools to get in. They cut the metal and cut the fence...We do get the occasional damage, generally it's minor in nature, but this is significant."

The losses also include the theft of a computer, the compressor that runs the pool filters, all the fire extinguishers and a breathing apparatus.

It's hoped the pool can be re-opened by noon on Wednesday.

City officials say these vandals were especially aggressive and persistent.