LONDON, ONT. -- Two cycling advocacy support groups in London want city council to redirect $19 million from the road-widening budget to improving bicycles lanes and trails in the city.

London Cycle Link and the Western Active Transportation Society will present the idea to a city hall budget committee this Thursday.

Daniel Hall, the executive director of London Cycle Link, says his 300 paid members and supporters wants to grow the cycling roadmap to include more lanes and trails.

By doing so, he says more people would cycle to work, simply because they’re no longer intimidated to ride alongside traffic.

"So cycling lanes for ages eight to 80. We are asking for 40-kilometre expansion of that network in four years."

Hall says his group wants $19-million removed from the road-widening budget put towards cycling.

When coupled with $11 million already in the budget for cycling amenities in London, the total ask would be $30 million.

Hall admits it is a big number, but not when compared to what he says is already spent on road widening.

“That's $220 million. So, were asking for a little bit of that money to be diverted to the cycling network."

The group is also calling for a dedicated staff member to be hired at city hall to help promote, and advise, about future cycling projects. A position he say exists in neighbouring large cities.

"It's about designing the right way, so that when we do invest it's done correctly,"