LONDON, ONT. -- Unemployment jumped more than a percentage point in London for May but while pandemic restrictions are having an effect the number of people in the labour force has grown.

In April the unemployment rate climbed to 8.2 per cent as the third wave restrictions hit, now that number has climbed to 9.7 per cent for May.

However the labour force has grown by more than six thousand people according to Statistics Canada.

The number of people with work grew by about 1,000 where as the number of people without work grew by roughly 5,000.

While it means the unemployment rate has gone up again, it also shows more people are participating and actively looking for work.

Nationally the unemployment rate is relatively unchanged ticking up slightly to 8.2 percent.

The country lost a total 68,000 jobs largely due to restrictions under the third wave of COVID-19 according to Statistics Canada.

The news comes as Ontario looks at when the reopening of the economy will begin amidst declining case numbers.