LONDON, ONT. -- As the economy continues to reopen across the province and Canada, jobless numbers are seeing a rebound as unemployment dropped by more than two per cent locally.

According to new date from Statistics Canada, London’s unemployment rate now sits at 10.5 per cent, which represents a 2.1 per cent drop from June when unemployment was at 12.6 per cent.

Nationally the labour market gained 419,000 jobs in July as more parts of the economy reopened.

In Ontario most parts of the province entered into Stage 3 of the province’s reopening plan which allows for nearly all businesses to operate.

Recovery began in May when Canada saw 289,600 jobs return after historic job losses in March and April.

In June nearly a million jobs returned to the labour market.

While Canada continues to recover the unemployment rate remains above 10 per cent, well above pre-pandemic levels.