LONDON, ONT. -- Saturday, Type DiaBeat-It in collaboration with Nauturopathically Fit, will go virtual with its first 5K run.

The non-profit organization focuses on educating and supporting Canadians and Belizeans living with Diabetes.

Registration has been available throughout the month with all proceeds going toward the development of education and support resources to help manage and prevent Diabetes.

"We seek to alleviate the disparities that exist among individuals living with diabetes, specifically those of minority groups. We want to establish a culturally competent center for our Black and other minority groups to better manage and live a life free of social stigma," said Mystery Furtado, CEO and founder of Type DiaBeat-It.

The virtual run takes place between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. with an entry fee of $25 per person.

Along with the virtual run, Furtado tells CTV News, "We were given the green light to have up to 25 runners outside."

Runners are encouraged to post their running times, activity trackers, video or photos with the hashtag, #RunItBeatItVirtually or #typediabeatit.