From reports of people jumping to escape, to two others sent to hospital, it was a chaotic scene Thursday morning as a large fire broke out.

The fire happened at a two-storey building at Oxford Street and Strand Street around 6:40 a.m.

The building housed apartments and Simpson’s Variety, and the fire spread to an adjacent home that house annother two apartments as well.

Fire officials described what could have been something out of a movie when they reported that several people jumped from their second-floor units to escape the fire.

Resident Maliv Rami says, "We were trying to go out from the main entrance, like our apartment door, but it was just flames coming inside...So we decided to go out...broke the window and just, like, jump from the window."

The building was home to at least 10 residents, mostly international Fanshawe College students.

Fire tore through the building leaving a gaping hole in the roof and the side of the building. Damage is extensive, however a full cost estimate is not yet known.

Two people were treated on scene for smoke inhalation while another student was sent to hospital to be treated.

A firefighter also was taken to hospital with minor injuries after a railing gave way causing them to fall.

Fire officials say they have contacting the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office to assist with an investigation due to the scale of the fire.

The blaze is believed to have started on the second floor, though the exact cause and origin haven't been determined.

London Fire Department Deputy Chief Jack Burt says, "The fire was in the roof area and you can see that it travelled quite extensively through the building it's very hard to reach."

Oxford Street was closed from Mornington Avenue to Quebec Street for several hours, but reopened around 9:30 a.m.