St. Thomas police have arrested two people and are investigating similar alleged thefts at a seniors banquet hall and a funeral home.

Police say the incidents took place between Dec. 6 and Dec. 17.

In all three cases, the victims went to these locations to either volunteer their time or pay respects to grieving family members. The victims used the coat check facilities, leaving their valuables in a coat pocket.

Police say the suspects went to these locations and removed the valuables, which includes wallets, cell phones and car keys. In one case, officers say the car keys were used to find the vehicle in the parking lot and Christmas presents were removed along with personal belongings.

There were also three break-ins and thefts from a local retirement community which occurred on Dec. 11. Personal cheques and jewellery were taken from two residents rooms, say police.

Timothy Smith, 30, from St. Thomas and Heather Thorpe, 38, from St. Thomas, have each been charged with possession of stolen property x7 and are being held pending a bail hearing.

Police executed a search warrant at the accused residence and seized a large amount of property.

The investigation is continuing and police are asking anyone with information regarding these thefts to contact 519-631-1364 Ref#ST14015037.