LONDON, ONT. -- Set to open on Monday, the London Courthouse could remain closed after two more people deal with COVID-19 symptoms.

“I think everyone's best wishes go out to them, we really are concerned about them,” says Erin Rankin Nash, the president of the Middlesex Law Association.

The courthouse closed on March 17 after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19, and has undergone a thorough cleaning in anticipation of opening on Monday.

Right now two people who work at, or deal with, the courthouse are recovering from COVID-19.

“The courthouse is being very good at making sure messaging is getting out and to make sure that people that have been in the courthouse, lawyers staff are well aware of what's happening,” says Rankin Nash.

Right now many urgent criminal matters are being dealt with in St. Thomas and regulations have been changed to accommodate real estate deals and issues dealing with children.

“I think the way that we do law will forever be changed because of this,“ says Rankin Nash.