London police have arrested two suspects in the shooting death of a London man last week, although one person remains on the lam.

Abel Tesfalem, 19, of was arrested Monday afternoon and Joseph Sibo, 19, was arrested Saturday.

Both men are from London.

They are charged with being an occupant in a motor vehicle with a firearm.

Police continue to search for Zachary McDermott, 18, of London.

He is charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder by discharging a firearm.

Police say a photo of McDermott is not available but he is described as white, approximately 5’9” with a slim build, and reddish-blond hair that is cut shorter on the sides.

Meanwhile, the gun used in the murder has yet to be recovered.

Christopher Clements-Card, 21, was gunned down in front of the Tim Hortons on Drundas Street East, just west of Veteran's Memorial Parkway on Sept. 12. He later died in hospital.

Contact police if you have any information regarding this shooting.