The odds have been calculated at 1 in 400 million, but Huron County farmer Les Caldwell thinks it's less than that.

His farm turned out to be the one.

On March 1, one of Caldwell's Simmental cows gave birth to a two headed calf.

It had two heads, four eyes and two brains.

In 65 years of farming, Caldwell had never seen anything like it before.

Unfortunately, the calf didn't make it.

Caldwell says the humane thing to do was to euthanize it, because it couldn't even stand.

The calf has been sent to the University of Guelph for study.

The working hypothesis is the two headed calf was supposed to be twins, but the embryo didn't properly split.

It's an incredibly rare occurrence, one Caldwell hopes never happens again.

He says he'd rather have one healthy calf, instead of two that didn't make it.

One a positive note, Caldwell says he's found another calf for the Simmental mother to care for.