LONDON, ONT -- The Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB) has sent out a statement regarding cuts to H.B. Beal's Musical Theatre Program following online backlash.

Over the weekend posts began to surface on social media decrying the decision to cut a class from the well-known program and placing the blame on government cuts.

“This Friday, February 7th, we were informed that Beal Musical Theatre’s drama class had been cut, one day after the school assigned add/drop period for classes, and a week into our new semester,” read a Facebook post from Beal student Olivia Ho.

The post quickly gained attention in London getting 1,700 shares and hundreds of comments.

It has prompted TVDSB to release a statement on why the program was reduced.

The school board says that the reduction from a three-credit program to a two-credit program is due to a drop of enrollment and not because of changes to education funding.

The program at Beal is usually a three-credit package with roughly 28 students in the classes, but this semester they only had 16 enrolled.

Full TVDSB Statement:

In light of recent changes to Beal Musical Theatre course offerings, we are providing the following information. Across the District, changes to classes in semester two are a normal part of the staffing and scheduling process, often resulting from a decrease in course enrollment between last spring and the start of semester two. This is unrelated to changes in education funding.

In our current semester, the number of registered students has decreased. All 16 students currently registered in the Beal Musical Theatre program will continue to receive two of the original three courses within Beal Musical Theatre. The school is working with grade 12 students to make accommodations that will limit the impact of the changes in course availability. Beal continues to be a leader in the development and delivery of excellent programs in the Arts and provides Thames Valley District School Board students with world-class Arts opportunities.