In an interview on Question Period with CTV’s Evan Solomon Prime Minister Justin Trudeau referenced that his government is looking for a way out of the Saudi arms deal.

The deal, which is worth $15 million, landed with General Dynamics in London which employs thousands of workers in the Forest City.

When asked about Saudi Arabia Trudeau said the following:

“The murder of a journalist is absolutely unacceptable and that's why Canada from the very beginning had been demanding answers and solutions on that. Secondly, we inherited actually a $15-billion contract signed by Stephen Harper to export light-armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia. We are engaged with the export permits to try and see if there is a way of no longer exporting these vehicles to Saudi Arabia,” said Trudeau.

A full transcript of the interview can be found here.

The interview touched on a wide range of topics including the current diplomatic crisis with China, signing a trade deal with Donald Trump, and dealing with Russia.