London Ont. - Liberal leader Justin Trudeau fought his way through a boisterous crowd of over 300 supporters at a whistle stop in London. As he took the podium, he waited for his fans to quiet down.

"It's going to be a long week on my voice," says Trudeau.

Trudeau spent Thanksgiving with his wife and three children making six stops on the campaign trail from Windsor to Hamilton. He spoke for just under five minutes at the campaign headquarters of Mohamed Hammoud in London, and even handed his microphone to his wife who encouraged Canadians to celebrate diversity, and give thanks.

"It's in your lives every single day. The sacrifices you make through your jobs and families will allow us to create more equality, and more love and unity, and more justice in this country," said Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.

The Prime Minister's time on the mic was brief, and he spent the majority of it warning of conservative cuts.

"Look at cuts that Doug Ford made... we can't double down on conservative leadership," he said.

"Andrew Sheer looked at Doug Ford's cuts and said 'hold my beer'. He's choosing four times as much cuts as Doug Ford".

He touted the current government's investments in families, seniors, youth and jobs. He also said that while making investments, they claim to have lifted 900,000 people out of poverty.

The stop in a riding which has been dominated by the NDP was a boost to London-Fanshawe candidate Hammoud with a week to go before the election.

"The Prime Minister came with his family and met so many people in their families," says Hammoud.

"We believe in the middle-class and this community is one large family. This is really a day of giving thanks, and it's the best thanksgiving I'll have in a really long time".

After the brief rally, he made his way back through the crowd to the bus, where it was headed east for three more appearances Monday.