LONDON, ONT. -- London police are concerned that so-called urban explorers may be putting first responders at risk, at a time when they are already being stretched to the limit during COVID-19.

They issued a warning after a YouTube video surfaced showing people removing boards and entering the old London Psychiatric Hospital on Highbury Avenue.

The video was posted to YouTube on April 7, but it's not immediately clear when it was actually captured.

Throughout the video you can see exposed electrical wiring, broken glass, a flooded floor and even hospital needles.

“The individuals inside of that building, are not only putting themselves at risk but they're putting any first responders or anyone else who needs to attend in danger as well,” said Const. Sandasha Bough, from the London Police Service.

And she is clear, “These individuals are trespassing.”

Chief Municipal Law Enforcement Officer Orest Katolyk says at this time his staff is busy dealing with COVID-19 matters.

"It’s concerning to see boards being removed by trespassers entering potentially unsafe building conditions.”

Old Oak Properties owns the land, but didn’t want to comment on the issue on Friday.