LONDON, ONT. -- Kelly-Lynn Balderston has been a travel agent with Robert Q for more than 12 years, but nothing could have prepared her for what she dealt with once the pandemic took off in March.

“Wow, we would have never thought we would be here at this time you know five months ago, “ said Balderston. “We did a lot of hand holding.”

She says with tight government restrictions, it’s still tough to travel outside of Canada at this time.

“I would suggest anybody do their research before they go because again the regulations in every country differ,” said Balderston.

But there are some positive signs. Balderston says even in the middle of a pandemic, people are optimistic and are already starting to look and book for winter destinations in 2021.

“We are getting people coming in that want to sit down, they want to get that great price, you know hoping to get the deals that are out there."

She thinks that post COVID-19 people will re-think how they travel and whether or not to use an agent.

“It's been an amazing journey this last few months of people that were stuck in destinations that we're in contact with at all times and changing tickets, that would be a very difficult procedure if you had booked on your own.”