A day after a crash sent six people to hospital, people are dropping off flowers and stuffed toys Saturday at the Costco on Wellington Road, where a vehicle crashed into the store.

There is also a photograph of a little girl.

A pregnant woman and her two young children were taken to hospital in critical condition. The mother has been upgraded to stable condition Saturday. The two girls were originally listed in critical condition. Police are not giving an update on their medical status as family and friends are first being notified. An emergency C-section was performed and police will also not comment on the status of that baby.

Three other people, including the driver of the vehicle that hit the store, have now been released from hospital.

Witnesses say they heard a loud revving sound before a red sedan backed full-speed into the store's front doors bringing piles of glass crashing down.

Araam Wendy, a Costco employee who was doing some shopping on a day off, says, "You just hear a large bang and you hear loud cries and screams and you just hear the glass shatter, everywhere you see debris."

He says many people came to the aid of those injured, and he tried to keep people away from the shattered glass, but "No one knows why it happened or how it happened."

The investigation continues, but it was determined that alcohol was not a factor.