It was a wild weather day in London and the surrounding region Friday, with various weather warnings and watches issued, including a tornado warning in the afternoon.

London and eastern Middlesex County were under the tornado warning, shortly before 2 p.m., as a severe thunderstorm began tracking across the region. The warning ended about 2:30 p.m.

Much of the sky turned black as the storm rolled through, though rain, hail and wind was localized to small pockets of the city.

There were numerous power outages reported in the east end, including at Fanshawe College.

The tornado sirens went off at Western University, alerting everyone in the area to the potentially dangerous storm.

In east London, a bolt of lightning struck a tree that then split, sending wood and debris around the neighbourhood, into pools and onto rooftops on Admiral Drive.

A homeowner on Admiral whose house was struck by debris from the tree is just glad nobody was hurt.

"I think there was some devastation at seeing the front of our house, but most and foremost, nobody was hurt and this is all....replaceable," says Steve Cahill.

Tracy Bradt, a London fire captain called to the scene on Admiral, says it is important for the public to heed warnings.

"Any time there's a storm like this, make sure you get inside and stay safe and stay away from any lightning."

Bradt is glad nobody was around when the tree was struck, "That could have been very different if anybody was underneath that tree or using the walkway."

Severe storm warnings were also issued for Oxford, Brant, Norfolk and Haldimand counties Friday.

Across the London region people were sharing their photos of the storm as it rolled through the area.

There have also been numerous reports of damage and lightning strikes taking down branches and trees.

Hail was also reported in several parts of the city, ranging from nickel- to golf-ball-sized chunks.