It's considered one of the best surfing spots in Canada, but it's not on Canada's West Coast, it's actually on Ontario's West Coast.

Ash Adams, an ardent surfer and the owner of West Shore Surf Shop, says he considers Kincardine one of the best surfing spots in Canada largely because of what's under the water.

"I guess this is is really the meat and potatoes of where we'd actually surf...Normally at a local surf spot, or any other surf spot, the water drops off gradually, where here it drops off from shallow to deep very, very creates a little more power in our waves here."

Strong northwest winds can create some great waves - head high and over head high at times - and a pier allows surfers easier access to the waves.

Another bonus, while most surfing locations are remote, in Kincardine they've got parking, washrooms and hot showers.

Kelly McDonald with Kincardine Tourism explains, "When these guys are here in the off-season and I mean those waters are quite chilly, that's when they need a hot shower afterwards. So it's the little things like that that we're looking to really build on."

When Mother Nature co-operates there are still fewer than 50 solid surfing days in Ontario, with spring and fall the best times.

Still, over 20 surfers from as far away as New York state attended Lake Huron's first-ever surfing competition last October in Kincardine.

Adams hopes there will be many more Fresh Water Classic surfing competitions in Kincardine's future as he and the town prepare for what could be more than just a cottage industry.

"It'll bring lots of business for all the local restaurants, hotels, as us local surf shops, so I think it's good for Kincardine as a whole for that reason."