Bringing a baby into the world is hard enough, so it’s hard to imagine bringing in four all at once. But that's what the Coutts' family is dealing with right now.

It's baby action times four in the Coutts household, now that Dylan, Easton, Lincoln and Owen have finally arrived.

Mom Shannon Coutts says “Until you actually come home and it’s two o’clock in the morning and you’re feeding four babies it doesn’t really, really sink in.”

The boys arrived July 27th, about four weeks early - which is normal for multiples. What isn't normal is the number of diapers the young gentlemen will go through.

Dad Adam Coutts says the estimate is “30,000 diapers throughout their diaper lifetime. So, quite remarkable.”

Big sister Delaney has been a big help as have Shannon and Adam's parents - neighbours have chipped in too.

Adam says they’ve had lots of help so far "We’ve managed and got them it a bit of a routine here and we’re off to the races.”

While they wade through the day to day grind of caring for four babies at once the Coutts do have an eye towards the future, which will involve four RESPs, four sets of pajamas and four sets of goalie pads.

Shannon says "I keep thinking about hockey equipment because we want to have four little hockey players here so I’m thinking this Christmas we might start by purchasing hockey equipment…so we’re prepared when they can skate."

If you'd like to meet the Coutts' quads and help them pay for their 30,000 diapers, there's a community shower being held in Tiverton this Sunday, August 18th from 2-4 p.m.