LONDON, ONT. -- Thunder, a 15-year-old Peregrine falcon is on the long road to recovery after being rescued from the top of Citi Plaza in late July.

Thunder is currently recovering at Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre after undergoing emergency surgery. 

"We could tell she was in serious trouble," says Brian Salt, founder of Salthaven. "There's some room for optimism here that she will have a good recovery."

Salt says the Salthaven rescue team found Thunder on top of Citi Plaza, suffering from severe wounds caused by a territorial battle with another falcon, he suspects. 

"She was on the roof, couldn’t fly, fractured wrist, fractured pretty badly actually." 

The falcon was then transported to Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph for a two-hour emergency surgery. 

Thunder is now healing in a muse at the Salthaven Wildlife rehabilitation centre.

Thunder, who is described as, Regal, is a high profile bird in London. 

She was hatched in New York City in 2005, and has mated with another falcon named, Dundas, a one-legged male from Kitchener. 

Salt says that she migrated to London and teamed up with her mate, Dundas on top of the TD building, near the Citi Plaza. 

"We’ve had some people emailing us saying, 'we were wondering where she had gone', but she is safe with us for the time-being," says Salt. 

Salt says that Peregrine falcons don't typically live over 15-years outside of captivity, but he hopes that Thunder will be released so she can live out her retirement where she belongs; in the wild. 

"She’s getting the best treatment possible, and we’re just keeping our fingers crossed that everything will work out in her favour." 

Thunder will be getting X-rays done soon, revealing if everything has healed well structurally. The next step is supplements to help with feather growth ahead of migrating season. 

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