Environment Canada says the 12th, 13th and 14th tornadoes of the season have been confirmed near Arthur, Orillia and Carnarvon.

The tornadoes came as a line of severe thunderstorms developed late Wednesday afternoon from the Arthur area to Orillia to north of Minden.

The thunderstorms tracked eastward and maintained their strength as they passed over the Haliburton area and portions of eastern Ontario.

The tornadoes were confirmed with the help of the Environment Canada CANWARN network, and photos and video provided by media, government officials and the general public.

Fortunately there has not been any significant damage reported as a result of the storms so far.

An Environment Canada storm investigator travelled the area between Arthur and Grand Valley Thursday and confirmed that an Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale zero tornado moved through that area with winds likely between 90 and 130 km/h.

The tornado was 4.5 kilometres long and 100 metres wide.

It was a similar situation in the Orillia area, where and EF-0 tornado was confirmed.

In the Carnarvon area north of Minden though, the strength of the tornado will not be confirmed until a damage investigation is completed on Friday.

A waterspout was also confirmed over Head Lake in the northern Kawartha Lakes area Wednesday afternoon, which does not appear to have come onshore.

On average in Ontario 12 tornadoes are verified each year, the total for this season now stands at 14 with the severe weather season ending in early October.