LONDON, ONT. -- City of London officials are asking people to think about waste and recycling operators when taking items to the curb during the three-container exemption this month and into May.

“London’s waste and recycling operators have been working tirelessly while we maintain essential services,” says Mayor Ed Holder.

“During this time, small adjustments from Londoners can have a big impact and help protect our waste and recycling collectors.”

It is hoped that Londoners will be mindful of how much waste they bring to the curb and consider only using the exemption if necessary.

“Please be kind and considerate to collectors when placing waste to the curb, and don’t throw out what you don’t have to right now especially bulky waste,” says London’s Jay Stanford, director of environment, fleet and solid waste.

The city hopes residents will:

  • Hold on to bulky waste like furniture, mattresses, and couches. Please store these items at your property as long as possible during this time. Heavy, bulky items at the curb are a challenge for collectors and require extra time to manage safely.
  • Reduce the amount of waste placed at the curb. Only throw out what you have to right now.
  • Remember not to place renovation materials at the curb. Store drywall, wood and scrap metal as long as you can before taking it to an EnviroDepot.
  • Don’t throw out paint and batteries.

London’s Household Special Waste Depot is temporarily closed at this time.

Hazardous materials should never go in the garbage so hold onto these items until safe and proper disposal can resume, the city says.

In order to help keep collectors safe the city asks that residents bag all used tissues and napkins, and place them in the garbage. Do not place waste loosely in garbage containers.

If you or someone in your household is unwell, place items that have been in contact with your mouth, nose or eyes into a bag and then into the garbage, including plastic bottles, pop cans and milk or juice containers.

EnviroDepots remain open and the $1.50 per bag fee for residents that need to dispose of bagged garbage is waived until May 4, 2020 at the following three EnviroDepots: West EnviroDepot, 1450 Oxford St. W.; East EnviroDepot, 28 Clarke Rd.; North EnviroDepot - 21462 Clarke Rd.