THORNDALE, ONT. -- The Thorndale Family Restaurant is cooking up a storm this Easter Sunday as a way to give back to their loyal customers who are currently in isolation.

Andy Mouselimis who runs the restaurant with his parents, is cooking a three-course-meal for seniors at Nissouri Manor Retirement Centre.

“These are people that have come to the restaurant for the last 32 years. They’ve had their kids, their grandkids here. It was the most logical thing to do was to give back to the manor,” says Mouselimis.

The Easter feast features soup, mashed potatoes, carrots and roast turkey.

The Mouselimis family is making 23 dishes that will be delivered to the centre which is just down the road.

That’s where long-time friend and loyal customer, Ron Johnson comes in.

Ron Johnson, chairman of Nissouri Manor, along with his sister, Elaine Clays, suited up for the delivery job by wearing masks and gloves.

They also brought along a pole that extends in order to deliver the packaged meals from a distance.

“The residents they have been talking about this all week,” Johnson says, “They signed up on Monday on a sheet of paper and they are all excited about it. Everything is made from scratch so it’s just like having a meal cooked at home.”

The Mouselimis family says it is happy to make residents feel at home, especially during this challenging time.

“It’s the right thing to do. It’s not a sacrifice. It’s just giving back to the community that has given us so much,” says Andy Mouselimis.