ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP, ONT. -- A St. Clair Township woman says she has witnessed several fatal collisions at the intersection where her family’s farm is located including one this past Monday.

Joeleen DeGurse-MacDonald of DeGurse Farms says the first fatal crash at the intersection of Kimball Road and Petrolia Line she can remember was back when she was five years old in 1974.

“I vividly remember the screeching sound of metal on metal as two cars collided, looking up to see bodies flying out of the vehicles, and landing on the ground in front of me,” she wrote in a letter sent to media and local politicians.

She says she wrote the letter to raise awareness about the dangers of the intersection following the latest fatal collision on Monday.

Emergency crews were called to the intersection of Petrolia Line and Kimball Road around 12:30 p.m.

Police say a transport truck and a motor vehicle collided with each other, killing one person.

He has been identified by OPP as 66-year-old John George of Glencoe.

“This was probably the most significant accident in regards to property damage on our farm. The transport and its load came very close to one of the houses,” wrote DeGurse-MacDonald.

Her family’s farm has been at that location for more than 180 years. She says over the years some measures have been taken such as a reduced speed limit, larger stop signs, and rumble strips.

She says more needs to be done to make the intersection safer.

In her letter she says thinks the best solution would be a round-a-bout at the intersection because she does not believe stop signs or traffic lights would eliminate head-on collisions.

DeGurse-MacDonald says she does not want future generations to witness what she has witnessed at the intersection.

“My hope is that they will never have to witness the trauma of people screaming, then hearing those screams turn into moans, until those moans turn into silence.”

CTV News spoke with the Mayor of St. Clair Township, Steve Arnold, Wednesday morning.

Arnold says he addressed DeGurse-MacDonald's concerns Wednesday morning with Lambton County Council and expects a full discussion at the June meeting.

Arnold, who lost his daughter in 2009 in vehicle crash on Kimball Road, not far from the scene of Monday’s crash, says it’s time for action, even if the number of incidents don’t officially warrant immediate funding from the province.

He says he believes the county should bear the cost, if necessary, in its 2021 budget.

Like DeGurse-MacDonald he believes a roundabout is the best solution at cost of between $500,000 and $1 million.

CTV News was the first to inform DeGurse-MacDonald of the move by Arnold.

She broken into tears at hearing of his plan.

“Thank you, thank you. This is really emotional. All those people and lives. I’m sorry, I’m probably more on the sadness side of the emotion right now, but wow! Thank you for sharing that with me. It’s needed to be done. Something needs to be done."

Meanwhile the Detachment Commander of the OPP in Lambton has also sent a letter to DeGurse-MacDonald.

In it, Insp. Chris Avery states, in part, “I agree and recognize there have been many serious and traumatic collisions at that intersection over the years."

“I am causing an analytical report to be complied on the collisions and events at that location. I will direct that report to County Council.'