LONDON, ONT. -- The popular Dream Lottery in support of London’s three main hospitals is back and organizers are hoping for a lot of community support once again.

“Last fall's Dream Lottery sold out in 29 days.” says Scott Fortnum, who is with the Children’s Health Foundation.

Once again this time around there are three grand prizes up for grabs, including a London home and a cottage in Grand Bend.

“The dream home this year has a large open layout for gatherings and oversized island in the kitchen and best of all there's a backyard oasis with a pool,” says Fortnum. "The dream cottage in Grand Bend is in the Pinery Bluffs, with a French country theme.”

You can also win a home makeover package worth more than a million dollars or a lot of cash.

“Yes the fourth option as always is a million dollars in your bank account,” says Fortnum.

This is the third Dream Lottery they've had since the COVID-19 pandemic began  and the last two have been the most successful in 25 years -- and that’s why organizers are hoping for a repeat.

“You know the community stepped up when we needed them to and it is so much appreciated and as COVID continues, the challenges at our hospitals continue,” says Fortnum. “I know our health care workers, they've all been working hard and steady for the last year plus under this new environment.”

St. Joseph's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre and Children's Hospital use the money from the lottery to fund research, purchase equipment and help with programming.

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