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Richmond Row business owner says she’s not surprised after random act of violence near her restaurant


It is what many people consider a safe space, secure in the confines of their own vehicle, but a stabbing on Richmond Row may have changed that for many.

It happened around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon as a driver in a southbound car was waiting for a train to cross Richmond Street, just south of Piccadilly Street.

"A man was stopped at the train tracks in his vehicle and another man had entered the vehicle and stabbed him,” said London Police Const. Sandasha Bough.

Police released a number of images of a suspect and announced early Wednesday afternoon that an arrest had been made. Bough said there's no indication the suspect and victim knew each other.

One person who saw surveillance video of the scene at the time of the crime, but doesn't want to be identified, said the suspect was walking south along Richmond Street and stopped for the passing train. They said he stood on the west-side sidewalk for a while and then circled out into traffic just before the stabbing happened.

Witnesses said the suspect left the vehicle and took off on foot. The victim actually turned his vehicle around, driving north on Richmond Street and then pulling onto Piccadilly Street before coming to a stop and calling for help.

He was taken to hospital and remains listed in critical condition.

"Without any reason they just harass you or they ask you for a cigarette, and if you say no they can do anything," said Aahuti Rajan.

The new businessperson said she sees more volatility on the streets and said the stabbing doesn’t surprise her.

Fin City Fish and Chips is located steps from where a stabbing occurred March 21, 2023. Owner Aahuti Rajan said she keeps the door locked when she is alone in the shop because of volatile behaviour on the street. (Gerry Dewan/CTV News London)

Rajan and her husband opened Fin City Fish and Chips in August. When she's alone in the business, the door remains locked.

"I put a note on a paper,” she explained. “When you want to come in for dinner or a pick-up, give me a call or knock on the door and I'll open the door."

Fin City is just steps from where the stabbing happened, and she said it's incidents like this that have her prioritizing safety over potentially losing customers.

"It's an extra step to get in, so that's how it affects my business, but I cannot compromise on that. I'll sacrifice my business -- a hundred dollars -- but it's my life,” she said.

Bough said however that even with the arrest, the Major Crimes Unit is continuing the investigation, and are asking for any information that may help with that investigation.

"We are appealing to members of the public if you have any dash-cam footage, and video surveillance, anything that could assist us, please contact us,” she said.

Many waiting for trains throughout the day Wednesday said they hadn't heard of the stabbing, but Dorothy Dent said it will change one of her behaviours, and told CTV News London, "I'll lock my doors."

At this point, the identity of the suspect and any charges he may be facing have not been released. Top Stories

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