LONDON, ONT. -- Dementia care partners are seeing their quality of life decline at a faster pace, due to the lack of in person services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A survey of Alzheimer Society clients in London conducted by Western’s BrainsCAN has uncovered insight on the impact dementia has on care partners.

The survey shows the well-being of care partners declines when their loved ones enter the midpoint of the disease. Declines included: physical and emotional exhaustion, mental health and physical health issues.

The findings also pointed to COVID-19 and physical distancing as being a contributing factor to both the patient and caregivers decline.

“We are finding that caregiver burden is increasing because of the isolation which in turn will increase stress levels and the wellbeing of the caregiver in the home,” says Carol Walters, CEO of the Alzheimer’s Society London and Middlesex.

“Caregivers have lost during COVID-19 their support circles so whether that’s neighbours and friends who used to come into the home to visit or help out as well as programs that the person they are caring for would attend throughout the city.”

Approximately 457 care partners took part in the survey from six Alzheimer Societies located within the Southwest Local Health Integration network region.

The full report can be found here.