Say it. Live it. That's the foundation of The Pledge to End Bullying, which kicked of its third annual campaign at the London Health Sciences Centre on Thursday.

Campaign co-chair Julie Maltby says "We hope that by making a public declaration to stand up to bullying people will live the words, that they will live the pledge and join the rest of the community in helping to bring an end to bullying."

The catalyst for The Pledge was the death of 13-year-old Bryten Brown. The Grade 8 student from St. Thomas committed suicide after being bullied.

His death, along with a number of other bullying-related incidents led then Thames Valley District School Board director Bill Tucker to launch an anti-bullying task force which helped develop the campaign.

Laura Elliott, director of the TVDSB, says "I don't think we can do enough. I think if everyone does a small part then we again will eradicate bullying."

CTV London has been involved in The Pledge campaign since the outset, and again this year has produced three public service announcements to promote the campaign.

And this year the pledge is focusing on businesses. The thinking there is if parents set the right example kids are more likely to follow.

Anne MacMeekin, a union representative for UNIFOR at CAMI, says "I think everyone understands school bullying and workplace bullying. Whether it's happened to them or not everyone has seen it, everybody knows what it is."

Last year more than 140,000 people took the pledge and organizers are hoping many more will say it and live it this year.

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