LONDON, ONT. -- Over 800 people in the Central Lambton Family Health Team received vaccines this week, thanks to a pilot project by the Lambton County Health Unit.

“For our clinic this is Independence Day, March 24th is Independence Day. It’s the beginning of Independence Day, lets say that,” says lead physician Dr. Enoch Daniel, as the staff only found out last week about the three-day pilot.

“We only had a limited number of doses and we have over 15,000 patients, so they really had to prioritize some of the most vulnerable,” he adds.

Executive director of the health team Sarah Milner says 100 patients received Moderna vaccines on Monday and Tuesday, while over 600 patients would get the shot Wednesday.

Carol Dunlop found out Tuesday that she was selected to receive her shot on Wednesday. “During the time that I was taking my mom to get her shot, so it was a surprise but it was a good thing.”

COVID-19 vaccine clinic

COVID-19 vaccine clinic pilot project in Lambton County on March 24, 2021. (Marek Sutherland/CTV London)

Dr. Sudit Ranade says this pilot is key to test the process for future deployment, as it is different than a normal flu vaccine clinic.

“We were able to give them some vaccine to help build their capacity for when they get more, when they get AstraZeneca, when they can do it more routinely.”

Daniel believes the process worked, and is ready for more doses as they become available.

“The goal is to get another thousand, and then another thousand after that. Just keep bringing it in, and we’ll keep doing what we have to do.”