LONDON, ONT. -- While students across the province are on an extended break due to COVID-19, boards across the province, including the Thames Valley District School Board (TVDSB), are ready to proceed with e-learning programs.

“E-learning rolls out both on our website and the ministry website and we have students that are directed to interact, that way, through that,” says Mark Fisher, TVDSB director of education.

“We also have virtual platforms that students and teachers will be accessing starting April 6, things like Google Classroom, Brightspace, because we know that interaction between students and teachers is absolutely essential to keep our learning going.”

Fisher says those with no access to computers or the internet will be assisted.

“We're committed to make sure that no students get left behind during this crisis, so we are doing a gap analysis of all the equipment we have available, we're doing deep cleans of that equipment, things like laptops, Chromebooks, iPads and our plan is to develop a distribution plan for students who don't have access to technology,” Fisher says.

As for whether or not students will be returning to the classroom this spring, Fisher says it’s too early to tell.

“We know that the extension has been put forward beyond April 5. I know Premier [Doug] Ford will make an announcement early next week and I would say that at this stage its really difficult to determine whether or not we'll be coming back.“

But Fisher adds that all students will be moved along to the next level.

“Every single student in Grade 8 who is scheduled to go to high school in Grade 9 next year will be going to high school - in Grade 9. And those in Grade 12 will graduate...we're going to make sure that no student suffers as a result of this crisis.”

You can visit the Thames Valley School Board here, and you can learn more about e-learning Ontario here.