Tenants of an 11-story apartment building on Mornington Avenue in London were left struggling after the second - and only - working elevator in the building broke down on Friday.

Donna Doucet lives on the ninth floor of the building. She has had a hip replacement and struggles with rheumatoid arthritis, making it difficult to get around.

Without elevators, getting anything done is even more challenging, she says "I can't do my groceries or laundry because I can't carry stuff up nine flights of stairs. Laundry’s on the main floor. I can't do it.  I just can't do it, it's too hard for me."

A strike by the International Union of Elevator Constructors dragging into its seventh week, meant it took until Monday afternoon for one of the buildings elevator to be fixed. The other is expected to be repaired shortly.

The four companies who install and maintain elevators in Ontario have been using managers to do maintenance, causing the service delays.

Doucet is also worried about other tenants, "There are people in here that have heart problems that are always by ambulance.  There's a lady in the building that's almost ready to have a baby and she lives on my floor, the ninth floor."

Doucet says having only one elevator for almost a month has been challenge, but things got a lot worse for everyone when the second one went down on Friday.

Glen Wyse has no problem carrying his bike up a few flights of stairs, but he worries about what would happen in an emergency situation.

"A real emergency call, emergency units are going to have to be taking the stairs. You need at least you need at least one elevator working in the building."

Landlord Tom McHugh says he understands the tenants’ frustrations, "We are concerned. We're worried about them.  We want this strike over as much as the tenants do."

The Ontario Labour Relations Board has ordered about 300 of the approximately 800 union members back to work, but only to work on new construction in the GTA.

Talks to get other members back to work broke down on Friday, and there’s no sign of when the situation will be resolved.