WINGHAM, ONT. -- A pair of Huron County mothers are vying to be the next cover girl for Inked magazine.

Natalie Tarnawski and Shelby Dines-Killam have both lost count of how many tattoos they each have, so when they heard about the 2020 search for Inked magazine’s cover girl, they threw their hats in the ring.

After three rounds of voting, both of the women are still in the running.

Tarnawski, who runs a salon in Bayfield, says winning would be amazing.

“To be on the cover would an amazing thing because I’m not a model... I think it would be a different dynamic for what a cover girl is,” says the mother of two from Bayfield.

Dines-Killam is a mother of five from Goderich. She’s been tattooing her body since a young age.

“I love wearing it. I feel like a walking piece of art,” she says.

The fact there are two women from Huron County still in the running, amongst thousands of applicants, is pretty unbelievable according to Dines-Killam.

"It’s amazing. I’m glad we’re not in the same group. It would be awesome to see us both in the finale,” she says.

Voting started in February and lasts until early April. Top prize is $25,000, which each woman says would change their family's life.

In addition to the the Huron County women, London's Amber Taylor and Nikky VanDusen of Dorchester are also in the running for the cover.

You can cast your vote here.