London shoppers will get a chance to try out Target Canada stores on Tuesday as the U.S. giant opens more locations.

Representatives from the Minneapolis-based retailer say stores at Masonville Place and Westmount Shopping Centre are ready to open at 8 a.m.

Livia Zufferli, Target Canada's director of marketing, led a media tour on Monday offering a sneak peak of the store.

"This is part of what we're doing now, with this soft open, as well as learning about, 'What are Canadians saying? What's the feedback?' And continuously improving and taking that where it's going to impact our merchandising strategy or our store layout. We take all that feedback in with the goal of improving," she says.

Employees are also busy testing systems and working on the finishing touches. Zufferli adds "We're all about being agile, about continuing to improve, but training and investment in our people, there's a big focus on that."

In total, 17 new Target Canada stores will be opening Tuesday. Other Canadian Target locations already launched in Guelph, Fergus and Milton on March 5.

The company is expected to open 124 locations across Canada in 2013.