LONDON, ONT. -- A new report from MacLean’s Magazine lists the top 25 communities in Canada to live and work remotely in, and St. Thomas, Ont. came in third.

The list from MacLean's looks at stats like population, percentage of property tax of income, crime rate, and doctors offices per 100,000 residents.

Coming in third on the list was St. Thomas, Ont, behind only Fredericton New Brunswick (2), and Halifax Nova Scotia (1).

The article shows that St. Thomas has a population around 42,000, with property tax representing and average of 2.3 per cent of average income.

It boasts 128 days over 20 degrees, and 53 Doctor’s offices per 100,000 residents according to MacLean's.

Perhaps most importantly to remote work is the ability to have 15 people work on a single internet connection.

Toronto made the list at 11, while London did not make the top 25.

Brampton and Welland are also in the top 15, while Windsor, Ont. came in at 16.

Woodstock and Strathroy came in at 19 and 20 with Tillsonburg rounding out the top 25.

You can read the full list here.